Datascan implements Clarity at Kailash Vahan Udyog

Datascan deploys web enabled Consignment Agent and MR System for Nulife pharmaceuticals

Datascan implements Workflow and Task Management at Veeraja Industries Pune



Datascan Information systems is a Pune, India based integrated software solutions provider specializing in the field of customized Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software for small to medium scale manufacturing (SMEs) and trading companies.

  • Datascan Clarity - ERP for Manufacturing, Project type, Engineering Services and Trading companies
  • Clarity can be deployed in a multi-unit configuration to server multiple locations of the same company
  • We provide fully integrated, scalable, customizable ERP software solutions to our clients
  • In dealing with us, you are directly dealing with the authors of the software
  • We have a short turnaround time for any customization requirements
  • We implement our software at the client site ourselves. There is no third party involved during implementation