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Datascan Information Systems is a leading provider of customized, fully integrated Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software for small to medium-scale manufacturing and trading companies. Datascan Clarity (ERP for traditional as well as project or made-to-order type of manufacturing companies) and Datascan iTrade (ERP for trading organizations) are our top products. We are both the developers and implementers of our software.

Datascan Information Systems was established in 1982, at a time when computers were relatively quite new in India. Our first computer was a 3X5 feet MMC machine which doubled as a table! We started off as a data processing company where we provided data entry and reporting services to our clients. At that time, we ourselves were using our software developed in Microsoft Basic programming language and flat files and Btrieve as database. Gradually as PCs began arriving in India, we began providing customized software to our clients, for them to use directly. Gradually we organized these customized software into modules that addressed the IT requirements of individual departments of our clients. The next natural step was to integrate all these modules to form an ERP system.

We have come a long way since our first installation of ERP software. Our current software uses all the latest technologies (VB,,, SQL Server) and works on multi-user, multi-location LAN networks. We have been continuously innovating our software with changing times and have developed all ERP modules in close collaboration with our clients. We work in various industry verticals and have incorporated industry specific requirements into our system.

From our experience of over 25 years, we have observed that no two companies will have a standard set of requirements that can be entirely fulfilled by a standard package. Hence we are very open to customizing our software to suit the exact needs of our clients. ERP software should be used by people to help streamline their processes and improve their productivity and efficiency. We do not ask our clients to change their processes and adapt to any “standard” package. To keep the cold out, it is only logical to tailor the glove to fit the hand than change the hand to fit the glove!