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Customer Care

After Sales Support

  • The software keeps track of all the equipments sold to various customers and their entire call and support histories over the entire life span of the equipment.
  • The marketing and support services departments can coordinate their activities using this software. The software enables the two departments to share information about installations of equipments.
  • The software contains a customer master, which contains all the relevant information of the company’s customers such as name, address, phone number, person to be contacted and so on. This can be considered to be a mailing list and is linked directly to the mailing list of the Sales Order Processing and Invoicing module.
  • As any equipment is sold to any customer, an entry is made in the equipment master that contains various details about the equipment like Equipment Number, Description, Type, Value, Service Contract Status, Warranty Status and so on. This entry is also directly linked to the customer master mentioned in the previous point.
  • There is another table in the software that records all the calls initiated by the customers. The software maintains a complete track of these support calls till the cause for such a call is satisfactorily resolved. The information that is recorded describes the calls in detail such as the date of the call, equipment against which the call was initiated, person responsible for handling the call, description, visit details, invoice details and so on. The entire of support calls received against individual equipments can thus be maintained for future reference.
  • A number of actions can be created and assigned to different people in the organization against individual calls. The actions can then be tracked till their completion and completion of all actions would typically result in the closure of a support call.
  • Over time, a library of faults can be generated and recorded in the software. These faults can be linked with the equipments as they are recorded. This provides a systematic basis for fault tree analysis which is one of the major inputs to continuous product improvement.
  • Our software enables you to capture the relevant quality and reliability data at its point of creation and then use it for further analysis and decision making. This helps the overall knowledge management effort carried out at all companies.
  • The system also generates the following types of Reports, which can be obtained in various formats such as Word documents, Notepad files and so on:

    • Customer-wise Equipment list
    • Customer-wise, Equipment-wise, Person-wise Calls
    • Equipment-wise Faults and Fault-wise Equipments (to identify common faults and their frequency)
    • Calls scheduling and call history
    • Cost of calls
    • Person-wise, Customer-wise, Equipment-wise, Pending, Completed and Delayed Actions Various additional reports can also be added to suit your requirements.

  • In addition to these features, the system comes equipped with powerful navigational tools that help the user move easily through the software.