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Financial Accounting


Datascan Financial Accounting Software covers all aspects of Book keeping and more. It can be fully integrated with other Clarity modules so that financial data moves around various departments of the company in a seamless and human independent manner.

  • The Financial accounting module is fully integrated with Sales order processing and Invoicing, Excise, Purchase modules of Datascan Clarity.

  • As a result of this integration all sales and purchase accounting entries are made automatically and balances are updated. The sales entries are directly posted into accounts when an invoice is created in the Invoicing module. Similarly, all purchase entries are automatically posted to the accounts when a bill passed in the Bill Passing module of Clarity SCM.

  • Integration with other modules significantly reduces a lot of the duplicate work done in Accounts department, which is very difficult to avoid in the absence of integration.

  • This software also comes with powerful navigational tools that bring the desired data on your screen within seconds. Furthermore, all Datascan modules have in-built tools which help the user to take out infinite types of reports on line. All these reports can be saved on disks and sent to printer for hard copies or can be sent out through email as per your choice.

  • You can keep any number of books and sub-ledgers.

  • The system keeps the Accounts balanced all the time thus eliminating the year ending procedure. You can go on making new-year entries even if you have yet to finalize last year’s adjustments.

  • Accounting entries can be made, modified or cancelled for any period, provided of course the person has proper authority and password.

  • The system generates Vouchers for selected transactions, which can be printed out on paper thus eliminating the need to make them manually.  Transactions can be numbered automatically and also they can be renumbered subsequently.

  • The software generates Paying-in-slips for cheques that are to be deposited into banks, thus saving considerable time and duplication of work.

  • Payment entries for suppliers can be made automatically when required by making the payment as per plan (With facility to make manual adjustments). All entries and the payment vouchers can be made automatically.

  • You can make your payment plan and set a date. The bills dated prior to this date will be settled automatically with cheques printed out and accounts updated.

  • Payment due dates, retention amounts and their due dates, disputed bills can be tracked separately for creditors as well as debtors.

  • You can extract any part of data for tax audit reports with utmost ease. This software can generate infinite variety of user defined tax audit reports.

  • Age Analysis Statement of clients’ Outstanding Bills can be obtained online.

  • At any point of time you can have your client’s latest Bills Outstanding Position.  This statement is in the form of a reminder letter addressed to the client. You can either send it by post or by email. In this way, sending reminder letters has been made very easy. All you have to do is select the clients.

  • Any transaction can be placed on temporary ‘HOLD’ or removed from ‘HOLD’. Its entire effect will get adjusted accordingly in the trial balance.

  • Adjusting receipts against bills has been made very easy. As soon as you make entry of any cash or bank receipt from your client, all the pending bills are listed out on the screen and you have to select the bills against which you have received payment. Similarly you can select receipts from the receipts list and knock off a particular bill. You can also knock off the bills on the first come first out basis, which will be done automatically by the system.

  • Balance Sheet and Profit and Loss Statement for any accounting year are available on-line in the user defined format exactly like in the annual report.

  • You will not have to remember any account codes. The account heads can be selected through interactive grids.

  • Sales Tax summary for any month can be printed out.

  • Contra Entries between the books are made automatically. Debit notes and credit notes can also be generated through the software.

  • This software also has Bank Reconciliation module incorporated in it.

  • Tax Deducted at Source [TDS] Report in Form 16A format can be generated.

  • This software has the Cost Accounting System module incorporated in it. You can keep a master list of cost centers and get information about actual costs incurred on a particular cost center as against the sanctioned amount.

  • A drill down feature is also available that allows the user to navigate from the schedule to the individual transactions.