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Gauge Management and Calibration of QC Instruments

Gauge Management and Calibration of QC Instruments 

Some of the features of this system are:

  • The system gives an instant calibration history of all gauges and instruments with a press of   the Mouse Button [Calibration History Card] It provides easy method of recording Calibration Readings.

  • It generates Calibration Test Certificate.

  • With this system you can rapidly determine which gauges are due for calibration and which calibration procedures to use.

  • The user can create Calibration Procedures and Templates for storage of Parameters for infinite variety of Instruments and Gauges.

  • The Templates for Complex Calibration History cards can be created and stored as Word or Excel documents also and History Cards generated using these templates can be stored and retrieved from the program.

  • The Calibration Cards can have multiple pages in case of large number of calibration Parameters.

  • The system enables the user to rapidly determine location of up to 100,000 gauges.

  • The system produces Gauge Calibration schedules ahead of manufacturing and calibration      deadlines.

  • The user can operate stores control at issues and return of gauges.

  • The system offers a cost effective and efficient alternative to the card index system and color-coding of gauges.

  • The system enables you to rapidly confirm if you possess a particular size or type of gauge or not.

  • It gives instant Repairs and Maintenance history of all equipment.

  • It prepares detailed inspection and calibration work formats for every item.

  • The system generates Management Information Report for Routine Monitoring and Control of Calibration Activities.

  • The system comes equipped with tools that enable the user to generate Infinite variety of reports and tables without writing any programs. Various types of queries can be made on the databases and the Reports can be generated.

  • With Mouse support provided, anyone from the GM to inspector can start using the system with just a few minutes of instructions.

  • Comprehensive on-line manual, which the user can further customize for his needs, is provided across the software.

  • Multiple workstation access compatible with NT/Novel Networking Environment is Optionally Available.
  • The data gets recorded automatically.