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Central Excise

The excise module has been designed after an exhaustive study of the requirements of the Excise Department. We have spent a lot of time understanding the rules and the various forms set up by the Government of India.

The Excise Software covers all aspects of Central Excise Management. The software generates the following reports.

  • Personal Ledger Account (PLA)
  • RG 23 A Part II
  • RG 23 C Part II
  • RT 12
  • RG 23 A Part I
  • RG 23 C Part I
  • Form 57F4
  • Listing of Form 57F Details
  • RG
  • RG1 Continuous (Daily Stock Accounts)
  • RG1 Summary

In addition to these reports the software also facilitates the creation of Excise Debit Entries by just clicking a button. Moreover, the software is designed in such a manner that new forms and rules or modifications to existing rules can be easily incorporated into the underlying programming logic. In addition to these reports, the software comes equipped with powerful Report Generating Tools that enable the user to take out any reports that he or she may desire. The user interface is also easy to understand and operate.