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Payroll and Human Resource Management


Datascan Payroll has been developed after an exhaustive study of the requirements of the Payroll Departments of many companies. The System has been developed keeping in mind the client-server architecture. Some of the features of this software are:

  • The system supports up to 2500 different types of logic for Earnings or Deductions.

  • Pay slips by Email - Datascan Payroll can send all the Pay slips and Tax Projections to employees by email. This has removed the requirement of printing pay-slips every month.

  • It is extremely fast in the processing of any complex logic which is always a part of any Payroll System e.g. Tax   Processing (1 second per employee).

  • Income Tax is calculated on the fly while processing Pay slips. Income Tax Deductions are therefore exact according to Income Tax rules.
  • Datascan Payroll comes with a special Income Tax system component which handles all the calculations of Income Tax for each employee considering his or her investments, other incomes, perquisites, housing loans and other details which are not part of the company payroll but which affect his or her income tax deductions.

  • Only one Payroll Processing run is required for both Payroll and Income Tax Processing. Payroll can be processed selectively or for all employees.

  • Datascan Payroll calculates the Earnings and Deductions taking into consideration many factors such as whether the Employee is:
  • Union Member or not a union member.

  • Staff or Worker.
  • Daily rated or hourly rated or monthly rated and so on.
    • Moreover the system can also consider department-wise categories if  applicable. Along with this, customized flags for various earnings/deductions can be set up in the system for calculations.
    • The user can add new earnings and/or deductions with the same logic into the system without any need to change the processing logic.
    • Multiple Loan System.

Datascan Payroll supports multiple numbers of loans coming under a similar category for any number of employees, E.g. Loans taken from different Banks.
In this part of the system:

  • The system automatically deducts a fixed amount from the salary every month against the given loans. The user can set and modify the deduction details according to company policy.

  • The user can set an effective date following which the system dynamically starts loan deductions.

  • The user can set the Deductions as against a Particular Loan.

  • When the loans have been recovered, the deductions stop.

    • Dynamic allocation of Allowances - Allowances can be given in a particular month as per employee advice. Datascan Payroll has the capacity to handle different Payment settings for each employee. E.g. Festival Advance, Leave travels Allowance. These have to be set only once when the employee is added and can be modified as per Employee request.
    • Automatic Cheque Processing - Cheques for the Net Payable amount for the current processing month can be processed and Printed immediately after the payroll processing.

    • Leave Balances and Leave Register can be taken at any point of system.

    • An important feature of Datascan Payroll System is that the Logic required for the calculations of Payroll has been fully parameterized. This enables us to change the Logic as required by different companies. This feature is very important in light of changing Government or Company policies since we can incorporate these changes in the system without much difficulty.

Broadly our Payroll system covers the following areas:

  • Income Tax calculations
  • Provident Fund
  • Professional Tax
  • ESI
  • Gratuity
  • Super Annuation
  • Bonus calculations
  • Some of the Reports that are generated by the system are:
    - Payroll
    - Pay slip.
    - Monthly Payroll register of a given employee for all earnings and deductions.
    - Payroll summary of all earnings and deductions.
    - Payroll register summary.
    - Deviation report, for given earning/deduction for two months.
    - Employee count of earnings/deduction for given month for Active and Non-active   employees

  • Loan
    - Loan register of a Loan for single employee.
    - Loan summary of a Loan for all employees.

  • Provident Fund
    - PF Register
    - PF Form 3
    - PF Form 6
    - PF Form 7
    - PF Form 8

  • Professional tax
    - Professional Tax Listings
    - Professional Tax Summary

  • Income Tax
    - Tax Projection.
    - Form 16
    - Form 24
    - Employee Investments.
    - Employee Investments amounts.

  • Bonus
    - Bonus slip
    - Bonus Register

  • Others
    - ESI Register
    - Gratuity
    - Super Annuation

In addition to above listed reports, Datascan Payroll comes equipped with tools that enable the user to generate any kinds of reports that he or she may desire. These unique features coupled with powerful navigational tools make our Payroll system broad based and feature-packed. It is a proven software being used by our clients including Sandvik Asia Ltd., RIECO Ltd., Nulife Pharmaceuticals and it can be customized according to your needs.