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Preventive Maintenance

We have repeatedly found from the discussions with our clients over 19 years that Maintenance department does not get its due priority in the computerization of its systems and procedures in most companies. Yet, it is a critical department for smooth operations of any manufacturing organization. QS 9000 also accords mention of this department.

We have been studying the maintenance procedure followed in various manufacturing companies for quite some time now. Based on our analysis of the requirements of the Maintenance Department, we have developed a comprehensive Maintenance Management System which covers Preventive Maintenance, Breakdown Maintenance, Management of Critical Spares and External Repairs of Machines.

Some of the features of Datascan Preventive Maintenance System are:

  • Datascan PM maintains information about all machines in a Machine Master.

  • For each machine, the system maintains a Preventive Maintenance [PM] Task Master Plan. This plan contains the maintenance procedures followed for the machine and their frequency of maintenance. Work instructions for each of the tasks also can be stored.

  • Everyday, the system automatically generates a Master Schedule of maintenance tasks needed to be performed and the amount of time required to do so. Using this information work can actually be assigned to maintenance crew.
  • For any of the selected machines, the work instruction showing list of tasks to be performed can be handed over to the mechanics.

  • The system maintains the complete status of Maintenance of each machine.

  • Datascan PM facilitates the maintenance of all Breakdown information of all
    machines. This information includes the incidence of breakdown, the duration of the breakdown, the person responsible for its repairs and so on. Any kinds of reports can later be generated using this breakdown information. Also the entire Breakdown history of any machine can be obtained.

  • Datascan PM includes features that enable the issues and tracking of Spares.

  • Datascan PM has a feature that facilitates the tracking of the machines that are sent out of the company for maintenance. It maintains information such as the external repair costs, supplier name and so on.

  • In addition to these application specific features, Datascan PM comes with powerful navigational tools and reports that promise ease of use and functionality to the user. We feel that we have covered almost all the requirements of the Maintenance Department in this package. If you have any more ideas that will help us improve the package, we are open for discussions. Our packages are so designed that any level of customization is possible. It is with such openness in our approach and good relations with our customers that we have learnt so much and developed such packages that in the end help our customers.