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Clarity Modules:

Supply Chain Management 

Design and Product Development

Financial Accounting 


Customer Care


Central Excise 

Human Resource Management

Preventive Maintenance

Gauge Management and  Calibration of QC Instruments


Design and Product Development


  • The design and product development module is fully integrated with the MRP module of Clarity.

  • Details of all items (finished products, assemblies, bought-outs) are recorded in the Item master. These include item code, name, purchase unit, stocking unit, conversion factor, rate, balance quantity, minimum stock, reorder quantity, specification number, overstocking tolerance, purchase lead days, maximum purchase rate etc. There are more than 40 information parameters which can be filled depending upon the need.

  • Bills of Materials (BOM) in parent child relationship are logged into the system along with manufacturing lead days. Any number of assemblies - subassemblies can be accommodated. Thus even a very complex product can be handled by the software
  • Reports showing single and multiple levels of BOM are available in tabular and tree view 1format.

  • Replication of BOM is possible. This can speed up generation of new BOMs and simplify design and data entry operations.

  • Where used reports for assemblies and bought-out items are available online

  • Standard and actual cost of any product or subassembly can be displayed on-line with just a mouse click.