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Customer Care

Customer Complaints and Monitoring

  • In today’s competitive world, for a business to be successful, it is of paramount importance that the company keeps its customers happy by addressing their grievances as soon as they arise. Datascan Customer Complaints Software has been designed keeping these requirements in mind. The software keeps track of any complaint from the date of its receipt till the date of its successful dissolution.

  • The marketing and quality control department people can work together to address the complaints made by your customers, by using this software.

  • The software contains a master, which contains all the relevant information of the company’s customers such as name, address, phone number, person to be contacted and so on. This is the same master from the Invoicing and Sales Order processing system.

  • There is a section in the software that records all the complaints as they come. These are the actual complaints that will be received from the clients. The information that is recorded describes the complaints in detail such as the date of the complaint, client zone, customer code, the defective product name, type of complaint and so on.
  • The user can assign predefined actions (which can again be divided into various subtasks) against each complaint, with a target date by which these actions should be completed, so that the tasks can be delegated to other staff members and the performance of each person can be monitored. Using this feature the user is able to keep track of all the work that is being performed on each of the complaints received and plan accordingly.

  • The system also generates the following types of Reports, which can be obtained in various formats such as Word documents, Notepad files and so on.

    • Complaint Sheet: - This report gives the complete information of the selected complaint. This includes the entire history of the complaint and all the actions taken against it.

    • Pending Actions: - This report shows all the pending actions for a particular complaint.

    • Completed Actions: - This report shows the details of all the completed actions for a particular complaint.

    • Mark Delay: - There is a provision within the software that enables the user to color-code all the pending tasks. This feature marks all the pending actions whose target date has already expired with a delay flag (in this case a particular color).

    • Incomplete Information: - It has been observed that customers often fail to provide the correct and complete information regarding the complaint. This feature automatically creates a letter addressed to the customer asking for the relevant information that would be useful for the user for working on the complaint.
Sales-Acknowledgement: Once the letter stating the details of the complaint is received by the user, another letter is created by the system which is addressed to the customer stating that the user has received the complaint and that the matter is being given due consideration.